RB Padlocks & Cylinders

Rav-Bariach leads the door and locks industry, establishing new standards for security, quality and visionary thinking and cutting edge technology.

For over 40 years, RB has specialized in the development and manufacturing of superior High Security products for the protection of property and life, making Rb an international leader in the manufacturing and marketing of steel doors and locks for every need.

a) Padlock

  • Security locks that passed international safety standards.
  • Hold security patents and trademarks, both in Israel and internationally and impressive sales records.
  • High security padlocks made with steel.
  • Keys locks which cannot be duplicated easily.
  • Available sizes 8mm, 10mm, 13mm, and 16mm.
  • Shackle can be small, medium, or long depends with your choice.

b) Hasp

  • Padlock protection cover.
  • Bullet proof materials.
  • Put the padlock out of rech inside.
  • A high security shell.
  • Available sizes 10mm, 13mm and 16mm.

c) RB Cylinders

  • High secured cylinders for steel doors, wooden doors, aluminium doors.
  • Cylinder that is compatible with any lock mechanism.
  • Cylinder which its key cannot be duplicated.
  • Came with id card which give access to duplicate more keys if needed.
  • Can be serviced anytime.
RB Cylinders