Energy Gold Ltd

Energy Gold Limited is a Sole Agent For: Rav Bariach (RB) Doors and Locks, Chromagen Solar Water Heater Solution, Milre Digital Locks, Victron Energy- Off Grid Solar Power Solution & Powerbackup System and Bridgelux Solar Street & Perimeter Lighting, Car Security Systems.

Energy Gold Ltd

Business & Administrative

Business name: Energy Gold Limited Business type: Sole proprietor
Company registration number: 102930 Tax reference number: 122-426-076
VAT number: 40-018034-L

Banking details:

Bank: Stanbic Bank
Branch: Centre
Account number: TZS 9120000122287 or USD 9120000122309
Swift code: SBCTZTX


a) Company History

Energy Gold limited is a Tanzania Registered Company of more than 20 years of experience and as an authorised supplier For Guaranteed High Security Steel Doors, Locks and Solar water Solutions to its conscious clients throughout Tanzania and East Africa. The company is known to provide best service and market performance to all products represented. Our service and solutions fall into the broad categories of all types of solar equipments such as Solar water Heaters, Solar Light Systems, Victron Energy Offgrid and electric Backup System, Security Products and systems, digital locks and related items, car alarm systems and security systems while at the same time providing consultancy, after sale services of our products and supervision and control of solar systems in all of our covered territories.

b) What the Company Does

Supplying high security steel doors locks and solar water Solutions to our esteemed customers includes: Financial institutions, Domestic uses, Government institutions, hotels, lodges, commercial and residential buildings.


a) Vision Statement

As a leading provider of renewable energy, solar water solution, Guaranteed Security Steel Doors and Locks. An organization that has a positive impact on millions of lives every day, we committed to deliver our \global role, helping people to live in safer communities. Access to better sanitary condition and cleaner environment. We believe that improving lives is our common purpose and the way which we contribute to society.

b) Mission Statement

To exceed our client’s expectations in providing top of the line products, timely delivery, and cost effective solutions through continuous product development, service improvement and personalized customer interaction through our corporate representatives.

c) Values

Customer Service Excellence: We are dedicated to satisfy every customer needs and honouring commitments for the last 20 years of experience.

Alignment and Accountability: We take responsibility for our actions. We make and support business decisions through experience.

Team Work: Our team is supportive of each member efforts, loyal to one another and care for each other both personally and professionally. We believe in the core value of team dynamics and driving excellence within organisation.

d) Business Goals & Objectives

Grow our business by increasing sales of our Products and maximizing performance to our esteemed customer to accommodate their needs and satisfaction.

e) Economic Intent

ENERGY Gold is Profit oriented company that contributes to the community through affiliations with local institutions that does direct work less than fortunate families.